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About us

PrincessTattoo Art ... my artistic instinct is created when I meet people that they choose me. A creative fusion that occurs when I am asked to make their tattoo. From the simplicity of the first request I am very surprised at how the ideas and insights from emerging in my mind and then carried on their skin in a totally unique.

After several years of different experiences of a long and careful research, my form of realism merges with fantasy to create "that tattoo."

Silvia Pretto

When I see a photograph or a drawing that I like, I imagine them on a body part and you're done! That's where instinct tells me it will be perfect!

The encounter and dialogue with the person who I will tattoo, are essential. From this emerges the number of details that will choose and that will allow me to create a unique story full of meaning.

I always find it fascinating how people excite when I can pick through the tattoo hidden details that represent them. Gives me great encouragement for personal and artistic discovery.

My next journey will be to use the "body's canvas" in entirety. I want my expression to range in open spaces, in order to tell a story of large life through the skin.